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How to use the DeskTime ”Projects” feature to manage your projects and calculate their costs

Great project managers do two things very well: First, they know their projects inside out – which people are involved, at what…

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Krista Krumina 11.05.2017
modern office design

26 office improvements from A to Z to boost your team’s productivity

Where you work is as important as what you do. Various studies have found a connection between office environment and employee productivity….

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Krista Krumina 10.04.2017

The complete guide to using the DeskTime screenshots feature at your company

This guide has everything you need to know about DeskTime’s new time tracking with screenshots feature. We rolled out this screen monitoring…

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Krista Krumina 13.03.2017

How to use the Absence Calendar

We here at DeskTime are constantly trying to come up with new features to improve our service and make your workday easier….

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DeskTime 30.01.2017

Must-Read Books that Boost Productivity

The year is coming to a close, the holidays are in full swing, and the New Year will soon be upon us….

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Nora Inveiss 30.11.2016

Innovate or Die: 10 Keys to Business Success

Success starts in your head! It may sound like a cliché but if you believe in yourself and you come up with…

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How to create a productive office environment

From design and ambience to motivated employees

5 Core Principles of Writing Productivity

The process of writing is like dancing a constantly evolving Waltz. You’re always learning, improving, falling down, getting back up, and spinning….

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Kenneth Waldman 1.06.2016

Why Summer Flex Hours Make You More Productive

Nobody wants to be at work during the summer. It’s hard to focus when the weather outside is beautiful and there are…

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Nora Inveiss 18.05.2016

How to Make Time for Yourself and Why It’s Crucial for Productivity

Google Calendar recently came out with a new feature: Goals. It’s a tool that helps you schedule time to meet your goals,…

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Nora Inveiss 18.04.2016

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