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The complete guide to coffee drinking [infographic]

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already had at least one cup of coffee so far today – according to statistics…

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Krista Krumina 17.12.2014
How beer affects productivity

Ever wonder how beer affects productivity?

Well, I tried, here are the results. A while back I came across research done by the University of Chicago. They found…

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Julia Gifford 26.11.2014

20 motivational quotes to help you get things done (and why they work!)

Let me start with the well-known truth: Employees who are motivated, are also happy, more productive and more successful than their unmotivated…

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Krista Krumina 11.11.2014
Is social media really so evil

When it comes to work and productivity, is social media really so evil?

According to DeskTime, social media, and especially Facebook, is on the top of the most-used unproductive apps in 2014. Together, time spent…

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Krista Krumina 27.10.2014
Long Working Hours Not a Road to Productivity

Long Working Hours: Not a Road to Productivity

It’s safe to say that the question of longer working hours as leading to greater productivity is far from being solved. The…

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Guest Author 9.09.2014
6 Productivity Hacks Backed by Science

6 Productivity Hacks Backed by Science

Productivity is the key ingredient to making the most of your time when studying or working. If you’re tired of long hours…

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DeskTime 4.09.2014

How to create a productive office environment

From design and ambience to motivated employees

Top 24 unproductive applications of 2014

Top 24 unproductive applications of 2014 and what that tells us

We recently pulled out the statistics of the most-used unproductive applications so far used in 2014. Some of the results are predictable,…

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Julia Gifford 13.06.2014
5 Reasons to Have Fine Art in the Workplace

5 Reasons to Have Fine Art in the Workplace

Guest post by Andre Smith For years, millions of employees and customers across the nation have been consigned to working in drab,…

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Julia Gifford 26.05.2014
Build a culture of high performance

Build a culture of high performance – start looking at your staff’s needs

This is a guest post from Christopher Austin from Several years of practice and research have been devoted to improving performance management…

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Julia Gifford 22.04.2014

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