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I used to spend hundreds of my working hours on Facebook, so here’s what I did

I never saw Facebook as a harm to my productivity. Until one month, after checking my time tracking data I realized that…

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Krista Krumina 12.09.2018
find your flow

How to find your state of flow and be more productive

There are days when I spend hours writing one paragraph of a blog post, and days when I write the whole thing…

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Julia Gifford 24.08.2018

How to Exercise when You’re Working 9-5

If there’s one thing that keeps a doctor away – besides apples, of course – it’s exercise. In addition to improving one’s…

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Nora Inveiss 13.07.2018

How to keep employees motivated at work (and how playing fun games helps)

Bosses have tough jobs.  You’re responsible for employee productivity. But breathe down their necks constantly, and they’ll loathe you. Leave them be,…

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Krista Krumina 26.06.2018
how to make open plan office productive

How to make an open-plan office more productive

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who like open-plan offices, and those who hate them. Open-plan offices have…

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Julia Gifford 18.06.2018
8 Reasons Why Your Remote Team Needs to Work Out Loud

8 Reasons why your remote team needs to work out loud

Hiring remote workers is a way to take advantage of the best that the job market has to offer. Instead of being…

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Ieva Sipola 6.06.2018

How to create a productive office environment

From design and ambience to motivated employees

52 17 breaks productivity

The secret of the 10% most productive people? Breaking!

employee productivity tracking softwareHere at DeskTime, we did a study of the most productive employees to understand their habits and learn from…

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Julia Gifford 14.05.2018

6 DeskTime features that help employees feel safe

So you’ve told your employees you’ll be tracking their working hours, and they didn’t cause a riot. Good. You even sent out…

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Kristīne Spure 24.04.2018
A quality lunch break

The rules of effective lunch breaks that boost your productivity

Are you sometimes so busy that a lunch break seems like an extra you can’t afford? Does your lunch often mean eating…

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Krista Krumina 18.04.2018

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