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DeskTime’s productivity research: an overview of our finds throughout the years

DeskTime loves productivity research and experiments. Over the years we’ve organized quite a few studies and published our finds.

So, if you’re a bit of a data geek, same as we are, this summary of DeskTime’s studies will be a great read for you.

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Aiva Strelca 13.12.2021

Taking time off work to chase Black Friday deals – is it a thing?

Spoiler alert: yes, it is. Our latest study shows 1.07% of US employees take a day off on Black Friday. It’s no…

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is overtime worth it

People who work 8+ hours a day are more productive – but is overtime worth it?

People who work 8+ hours a day are 12.7% more productive than those working their normally scheduled hours, according to a new study by DeskTime.

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Krista Krumina 29.11.2021

How to incorporate Monroe’s motivated sequence in your speeches

Delivering a persuasive speech is arguably a crucial skill of any good leader. But what if you aren’t a natural-born public speaker…

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Ieva Sipola 26.11.2021
1 3 5 rule banner

What is the “1 3 5 rule” and how it can boost your daily productivity

Every productivity expert will tell you that to get more out of your day you need to prioritize your work. But not every expert agrees on what is the best way to do that.

In this article, we’ll look at one popular option – the 1 3 5 rule.

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Viesturs Abelis 28.10.2021
Post pandemic office design versus casual office

8 post-pandemic workplace trends that are shaping the future of work

What are the new post-pandemic workplace trends that will determine the corporate status quo for the years to come?

Check out these 8 hot workplace trends that smart managers should consider as we continue living in this Covid-transformed world.

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Ieva Sipola 23.09.2021

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Various remote workers

7 Remote work trends every professional needs to bear in mind

The new normal is the definitive phrase that has been in widespread usage ever since job sectors globally caught on to the remote work trends in 2020.

Read on to be aware of the latest remote work trends to keep in mind as you forge your career path!

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Guest Author 27.08.2021

52/17 updated – people are now working and breaking longer than before

In 2014 we at DeskTime performed a study that analyzed the top 10% most productive people to see what they had in…

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Julia Gifford 10.08.2021
Illustration of a person working at night

Asynchronous work explained: benefits, challenges, tools

The rise of remote and hybrid work has opened a lot of doors for both employers and employees. As such, with employees now scattered through time and space, asynchronous work is quickly becoming a reality for companies worldwide.

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Viesturs Abelis 12.07.2021

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