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Daylight Savings is Over – What Does it Mean for Productivity?

Daylight savings is ending in many parts of the world and people are moving their clocks back an hour. While we may…

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Nora Inveiss 28.10.2015

5 Reasons Why CEOs Use Time Tracking for their Small Businesses and Why You Should, Too

Do you run a small business? How do you keep tabs on your employees? Many small businesses don’t have an HR department;…

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Nora Inveiss 1.09.2015
Workdays are getting longer

Workdays are getting longer? Study shows – it’s a myth

Everyone loves Fridays. The first five days after the weekend might the hardest, but Friday’s the day it’s about to get easier….

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Krista Krumina 26.05.2015

Top time sucks of 2014 (and how to deal with them)

Every year thousands of hours are wasted at work. A study by found that according to 26% of employees surveyed, the…

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Krista Krumina 2.02.2015
Music doesn’t increase your productivity

Music doesn’t increase your productivity (but it helps you get more stuff done)

Listening to music at work is still an individual thing – one can find it helpful, while others, disturbing. Yet, various studies…

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Krista Krumina 7.01.2015
How beer affects productivity

Ever wonder how beer affects productivity?

Well, I tried, here are the results. A while back I came across research done by the University of Chicago. They found…

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Julia Gifford 26.11.2014

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Top 24 unproductive applications of 2014

Top 24 unproductive applications of 2014 and what that tells us

We recently pulled out the statistics of the most-used unproductive applications so far used in 2014. Some of the results are predictable,…

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Julia Gifford 13.06.2014
How to be a Productivity Ninja

[Book Review] How to be a Productivity Ninja

Since productivity is our favorite topic, we were thrilled to learn about a new book on productivity by Graham Alcott, founder of…

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Julia Gifford 23.07.2012

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