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Magic invoices: how to create invoice templates that automatically fill themselves out

Whether you’re an established business with a bookkeeping team, an agency working with a ton of different clients, or a freelancer who just wants to focus on what you do best, the DeskTime invoicing template can save hours of work for everyone involved.

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Julia Gifford 3.11.2020

DeskTime is becoming an EU-based company

Here is some news for you! DeskTime is changing its legal name and becoming an EU-based company. Don’t worry – the time tracking software remains just the same as before, yet some details will become different. Read this post to find out more about the change happening in DeskTime and what it means for you.

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Aiva Strelca 8.10.2020
How to improve your time management:

How to improve your time management using time tracking software: 6 approaches that WORK

From identifying your principal distractions to conducting productivity experiments – this article explains how you can use your time tracking software to…

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Ieva Sipola 15.09.2020

Practical uses for exported data from DeskTime

DeskTime can be a vast database of accurate, insightful and invaluable information. Here are some tips&tricks for using the exported data, so it becomes more than just numbers.

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Julia Gifford 10.07.2020
Affiliate marketing tips

What you need to know about affiliate marketing (+ 5 ways to promote your affiliate links)

What is affiliate marketing and why should you join an affiliate program? How to promote your affiliate links? Find the answers in this blog post!

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Roberts Vildavs 15.06.2020
DeskTime tips and tricks

15 little-known tips and tricks to become a DeskTime power user

DeskTime is a feature-rich platform. Are you using it to the maximum potential? Learn how to become a power user with these 15 little-known tips and tricks.

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Julia Gifford 8.06.2020

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desktime desktop vs mobile

DeskTime for desktops vs DeskTime for mobile phones – what’s the difference?

DeskTime has two versions: a desktop version and a mobile version. This article answers the question of how they differ in terms of features and functionalities.

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Guest Author 26.05.2020

DeskTime on mobile – your timesheet app on the go

If your workdays are usually filled with being on the go, you shouldn’t have to worry about proving that you’ve been productive during the day. But how can you do that? By using DeskTime’s mobile timesheet app.

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Ugis Briedis 27.04.2020
desktime exports

Productivity exports with DeskTime: types and common uses

The recently added DeskTime feature, Exports, is a feature for those who love cells, tabs, and sheets. It allows you to download productivity reports as excel or csv files.

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Krista Krumina 23.03.2020

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